The humble binder clip.

You know the one: black and sliver, found at any office supply store, comes in lots of sizes, usually found holding papers together at work…

It is my opinion that this is one of the greatest – and least expensive! – organizing tools out there.
How can this lowly keeper of paper stacks be elevated to such heights? Let me count the ways:

1. Medium Binder Clips can be hung from hooks or thumbtacks (pushpins) by their silver handles. For a mom of school-aged children, I put hooks in a pantry and used binder clips to hold envelops labeled to hold “Box Tops for Education” and “Labels for Education”. When this mom uses any of her pantry items with these labels, the envelops for storing them are always handy!

2. Large Binder Clips are excellent for sealing open chip/cereal bags. Their tight grip helps them to stay on the slippery wax and plastic bags. And their big handles make them easy to open and close. I recommend folding in the top corners of the bag (to make a triangle, of sorts, at the top of the bag) then fold down from the top several times to seal the bag. Be sure to remove the excess air from the bag before you seal it. Even the forgotten flakes stay fresh while the more-preferred breakfast cereals get gobbled first!

3. Small Binder Clips (about ¼ inch x ¾ inch) are my favorite organizing tool! I keep one hooked (by one handle) to my key ring to hold important items/papers I NEED to remember to take/deliver when I leave the house. This clip works wonders for the mom who had trouble remembering to deliver a monthly tuition check and various school forms to her child’s preschool. Whereas these items were forgotten when placed in a purse or briefcase, by having them attached to her keys, they were always remembered and promptly delivered. Remember: out of sight, out of mind; but on the clip makes the trip!

What other uses can you think of for this fabulous and useful tool?

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